2018 Ford Flex vs. 2017 Ford Explorer


If you need extra space in your vehicle but don't want to skip out on style, the only real option is an SUV. You'll have plenty of storage space and can seat extra passengers comfortably in addition to plenty of cargo, and all while making an impression as you drive.

You deserve the best from your SUV, so consider two of the best options available. The 2018 Ford Flex and the 2017 Ford Explorer both have a lot to offer, but only one can be right for you. Learn about the differences between the 2018 Ford Flex and the 2017 Ford Explorer, and discover which of these amazing vehicles is best suited for your needs.

Flex vs Explorer: Engine Power

If you want a lot of power in your vehicle, then the Explorer is the clear choice. When comparing base models, the amount of power is remarkably similar. The Flex gets 287 horsepower while the Explorer gets only 3 more. However, the Explorer Limited model comes with a 4-cylinder engine that only gets 280 horsepower.

To make up for the Explorer's reduced horsepower on the Limited trim, the fuel economy is increased. With an EPA-estimated 21 mpg combined, the Explorer is more fuel efficient than the Flex, which is unexpected considering the incredible horsepower offered on higher trim levels.

Learn more about all the Explorer's great features in this 2017 Ford Explorer Vehicle Review from the team at Ray Price Stroud Ford.

Ford Flex vs Ford Explorer: Dimensions

Sometimes, you need to get down into the numbers. What are the precise dimensions of these vehicles? If you plan on using your SUV as a family vehicle, space is everything. The last thing you want is your rear passengers complaining for miles upon miles. Fortunately, both of these vehicles have plenty of space. Differences are within inches, sometimes even tenths of an inch, when comparing headroom and legroom in all areas. The only considerable difference is that the front passengers in the Explorer have over 2 inches more in legroom.

If you care more about hauling cargo, the Flex is the clear choice. Though it only differs from the Explorer by 1.3 cubic feet, the Flex has the greater cargo volume. This comes at a price, however, as the Flex is bigger overall than the Explorer. Because of this, the turning radius is higher, which can make the Flex more difficult to maneuver.

Flex vs Explorer: Extra Features

Both of these models are designed by Ford, so you can expect similar technology and safety features included in both. They begin to differ when you look at the extra characteristics. For example, the lowest level Explorer features roof rails standard while the Flex has them as an optional add on.

A significant difference, however, is their towing capabilities. Comparing base models, the Explorer can tow up to 5,000 pounds while the Flex maxes out at 2,000 pounds. The higher level Flex can pull 4,500 pounds safely, but that still doesn't match the Explorer's capability.

Test Drive the Flex and Explorer

Which of these SUVs is best for you depends on what you expect from your car. The  Explorer can be more powerful or more fuel efficient, but the Flex offers a nice balance between the two. For passenger comfort, both are mostly ideal, but the Flex has more cargo space at the price of maneuverability. Ultimately, the best way to find out for sure which vehicle you like best is by experiencing them behind the wheel.

If you live in the Lehigh Valley, Stroudsburg or Nazareth areas, visit Ray Price Stroud Ford, where our friendly team will help you select the optimal vehicle for your needs. Visit or call us to schedule your test drive today!

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